Бруно Зизиоли

Бруно Зизиоли

Специалист за порода: Булдог

+39 3386027552, +39 0302620522

Съдийски права: Международен съдия за II FCI група.

Ползвани езици: Италиански, Английски

Специалист за порода: Булдог


I graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the prestigious university of Parma in 1995. I have been working like a vet for 23 years so far. I cooperate with some vet clinics and I work in many farm animals. Professionalism, dedication and patience are the key words and values of my job.

I have been breeding English bulldogs for more than 15 years and I am the owner of Zizibull kennel. Mine is the first kennel to have tested all bulldogs for cystinuria and hiperuricosuria. Animal health has always been very important to me. I am very interestd in topics relating to reproduction and fertility in anilmals and I always try to make original research on both topics.

I have bred a lot of champion dogs and bitches and showed most of them in the most important and well-known dog shows all over Europe.

I was in charge of the vet commission of the Italian Bulldog Club (Circolo Italiano Bulldog).

I am included in list C as a specialist judge in the Bred Bulldog Council in the UK. This has given me the chance to judge English bulldogs in many European ountries, such as Italy, Russia and Slovenia.

I have organized a lot of meetings about the standard and both general and more specific health conditions in bulldogs. The latest meeting I organized was about the brachicefalic syndrome.

I was a council member of the Gruppo Cinifilo Bresciano and I am a council member of the Gruppo Cinofilo Vallecamonica both joined to Enci (Italian kennel Club).

Dr. Bruno Zizioli

Zizibull Kennel