THE BULGARIAN REPUBLICAN FEDERATION OF CYNOLOGY, incorporated and registered as legal person is continuator of the traditions and achievements of the informal cynological organizations Friends of the Dog Club established in 1933 and the Cynology Section established in 1961, which in 1981 developed into Republican Federation of Cynology, which existed as part of the Bulgarian Association of Hunters and Fishermen. These organizations, unregistered though, being legal entities laid the foundation of organized cynological activity in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology is developing and improving the inherited traditions and achievements to raise them to a new level of quality.

            BRFC is a non-profit public interest legal person within the meaning of the Non-profit Legal Persons Act, comprising legal persons – clubs and ither cynological organizations of dog owners and lovers. BRFC operates with in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, these Articles of Association and the resolutions of its managing bodies. In its capacity of legal successor to the Republican Federation of Cynology section of the Bulgarian Association of Hunters and Fishermen and the Cynology section of the Central Cynology Council. BRFC has been an associate member of the FCI since 1981 and in 2009 became a full member of FCi and as such it complies with its Articles of Association, rules, regulations and other acts of its management bodies. BRFC may be member of domestic and international organizations, etc. relevant to cynological activity.

            OBJECT, MAJOR OBJECTIVES AND MEANS – The association work in public interest, the object of BRFC being: providing sufficient and diverse indigenous genetic material and operating with existing genetic material; pedigree breeding and registration of dog breeders reared and bread within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria in strict compliance with the requirements of the standards adopted by BRFC and FCI concerning pedigree features of each breed and the absolute ban on cross-breeding; improving the physical qualities of registered dog breeds and their character and capacity for use; scientific research in the field of cynology; organizing and supporting exhibitions and shows for growing dogs and rendering expert assistance to the cynological member clubs; determining the favourable conditions for rearing of registered breeds, conducting examinations for selection fitness, issuing a breeding register, issuing a national stud book and certificates of origin; organizing and conducting sports events /competitions/ for registered dogbreeds; training and conducting the examination for exterior and selection experts and for dog sport judges; professional training of dogs of registered breeds for various economic, sporting, hunting and other useful purposes. The major objective of BRFC is to work for the development of cynology in Bulgaria and to raise its international prestige through its membersand structures by improving the cynological culture of its members and promoting their activity to the public; improving the breeding qualities of separate breeds by target breeding activities and imports of purebreed dogs; developing the useful economic qualities of the dogs in view of their use in hunting, house and other property security, for personal security, in the mountain and water rescue service, sporting, shepherd`s and other useful qualities; organizing and improving the protection of purebred dogs and promoting a proper attitude towards dogs;

            The means that BRFC will employ to achieve its objectives are: endorsing and issuing programs, rules, ordinances, instructions, newsletters, etc=; endorsing and registering pedigree documentation; keeping a national register of judges, approving judges and submitting proposals to FCI for approval of international judges; organizing and conducting cynological shows, exhibitions, trials for the service qualities of dogs, incl. awarding titles; studying, standardizing and proposing Bulgarian breeds to FCI; rendering active assistance for improvement of the quality of veterinary prophylaxis and treatment of dogs; rendering legal advice and legal assistance for protecting the cynological interests of its members; combating trade in dogs by federation members; combating with means admissible by the law against organized dog fights, ensuring that no so-called `character tests` in the form of fights are organized; organizing sports-training and competition events with dogs; developing cynological research activities, exchange of cynological information and publishing cynological literature;

BRFC Structure is:

            General Assembly – with memebars all Presidents of cynological breed clubs and cynological societies, which are establishers for BRFC.

            Board meeting – with seven members: Kamen Litov – President; Georgi Hristozov – vice-president and members: Antoan Hlebarov, Georgi Hristozov, Radoslav Stoynov and Stefan Popov, Nikolina Davidovska, Zhelio Zhelev.

BRFC commissions:

  • Judging commission – with President Radoslav Stoynov
  • Breeding commission
  • Scientific commission
  • Arbitration commission
  • Working and sports dogs commission – with President Georgi Hristozov
  • Adgility and handling commission – with President Antoan Hlebarov


  • Public Relations and logistics: Boyan Ivanov
  • Dog shows executive: Krasimir Todorov
  • Chief executive: Mihaela Dencheva
  • Stud book executive: Julia Velkova