Dear members and friends of BRFC,


We wish to inform you that the BLACK SEA WINNER 2013 shows will be held in Albena, Bulgaria
from 24th of June to 3rd of July, 2013.

We have confirmation from the kennel clubs of the following countires:




Debtors list of exhibitors to BRFC for year 2012

2xCACIB СОФИЯ 14–15.01.2012

Results from judge exams - 11.11.2012

On November 11, 2012 BRF Organize exams for judges - here are the results: 

1. Abrurrahman Zeyrek - Dog instructor and Trainer for dog instructors.

2. Burhan Dereli - National judge for FCI group VII.

3. Galina Todorova - National judge for FCI group I.

4. Galyah Litova - National judge for breeds Brussels griffon, Belgian griffon and Brabancon.

5. Georgi Apostolov - International judge for FCI groupII.

6. Daniel Dimitrov - National judge for FCI group VII - exterior and working trials. 

False rumors of deceased dogs!

Regarding the frequent malicious and false rumors about  cases of dead dogs wh o have been prticipating at our exhibitions BSW 2012., there has Not been a single case of a deceased animal not only at our shows, but also in surrounding areas. This can be checked easily in the Register of Veterinary Service in Varna, with which BRFC has a contract for prevention and care. Not one case of acquired or caused suffering to our statement is not registered.

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