CACIT 3 April 2017


From April 3 to 9, 2017 The Bulgarian Republican Federation invites you at

International Field trials - CACIT for Continantal and British pointing dogs

The International Field trials will be held on the hunting territories of Asenovgrad and Plovdiv.


Giannis Vasiliou /Cyprus/
George Georgiou /Cyprus/
Daniel Dimitrov /Bulgaria/
Katia Stefanova /Bulgaria/
Nikolay Nedelchev /Bulgaria/
Sasho Raychev /Bulgaria/

Reserve judges:
Georgi Hristozov /Bulgaria/
Krasimir Todorov /Bulgaria/

Meeting point and accomodation: Sports-shooting complex "40 izvora", Asenovgrad.,24.92633,15,normal&f...

Registration at the day: 6:30 at the meeting hall in the complex "40 izvora", Asenovgrad.

Start time: 8:00 o`clock.

We ask you to fullfill the Entry form at our web site:

* If the entry form is fullfilled correctly you will receive a copy of it at your e-mail.

Final date for entries - March 30, 2017 /Thursday/.



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