CACIB - Asenovgrad - 21.05.2017 /Sunday/


From May 18 to 21, 2017 the Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology invite you at 

FOUR International Dog shows - CACIB rank - Dobrich

18 May 2017 /Thursday/ - CACIB
19 May 2017 /Friday/ - CACIB

20 May 2017 /Saturday/ - CACIB
21 May 2017 /Sunday/ - CACIB

The dog shows will be held in Asenovgrad, "Sports shooting complex 40-izvora"

For this complex "40 izvora" you have to go in Asenovgrad and then you have to go out from Asenovgrad to road for Kardzhali. 2-3 km from Asenovgrad you have to turn left - and the complex is at the end of the road.,24.926328?map=41.99661,24.92556,17,normal&fb_locale=bg_BG&x=ep 

Coordinates: 41°59'47"N   24°55'34"E

All dog shows start at 10:00 o`clock. Dog show office opens at 8:30 h.


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Last day for entries: 12 May, 2017 /Friday/.

You can find an online application on our website. If the form is filled out and submitted correctly and a successful confirmation message is showed, this means that we have received your entry and your dog will be listed for the chosen exhibitions. 

*Competitions in main ring:
Best Pair - male and female dogs of one breed, one owner.
Best Breeding group - At least three dogs, one breed, bred from the same kennel.
Best progeny group - male or female dog with its progeny, at least from two mothers /for males/ or from two fathers /for bitches/. Among the progeny there should be dogs from both sexes. Minimum number of  progeny - 5.
Best Child with a Dog - - for children aged from 7 to 13 years.
Best Junior Handler - for youths from 13 to17 years of age.
Best Proffesional handler - for professional handlers over 18 years of age.
* All dogs participating in the contests must have undergone evaluation in the ring. The evaluation received must be at least  'good'Entry

* Reglament for Bulgarian Champion title at ASENOVGRAD shows from 18 to 21 May 2017.

For title Champion of Bulgaria each dog need 3 CAC titles, obtained at the 4xCACIB shows in Asenovgrad, held from 18 to 21 May 2017.

If the dog is already champion of another country then 2 CAC titles, obtained at the 4xCACIB shows in Asenovgrad, held from 18 to 21 May 2017 are enough condition for obtaining title Champion of Bulgaria.

The same is valid for Junior Champion title !


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