Open letter from BRFC to FCI

Изх. № 207/23.10.2014

Dear members of FCI Board,

Dear Mr. President of FCI,

According to the recent circumstances, it is our duty to give some explanations regarding some charges against Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology and against me, personally, as President of BRFC. First of all, I would like to explain who are the authors of the letter sent to FCI:

16.10.2014 - CACIB Pleven !

BRFC inform all who are interested

On October 16, 2014 /Thursday/ in Pleven

will be held an International Dog show with rang CACIB.

You can enter your dog through the entry form on that web site.

Английски сетер - квалификация за национален отбор на България

На 28.09.2014 г. Национален клуб Английски сетер България ще проведе клубна квалификация за определяне на клубни представители, кандидати за националния отбор на България за международни състезания през 2014 год.

На същата дата ще се проведе изпит за ловна пригодност на кучета от породата английски сетер, който изпит ще е нужен за влизане в разплод!

Ще се проведе и екстериорна изложба на Национален клуб Английски сетер.

Мястото на мероприятието ще бъде в град Плевен, сборен пункт туристически дом ''Кайлъка''.

Decision of the Board Meeting of BRFC

Recommended by Judging commission of BRFC, The Board Meeting of BRFC took the following decision:

Mr. Petar Radev, Mr. Ivan Nyagulov, Mr. Alexander Stoychev were suspended as FCI International judges for a period of 1 year, from September 16, 2014, until September 16, 2015. Mr. Kostadin Karachanov was suspended as National judge for a period of 1 year, from September 16, 2014, until September 16, 2015.

Регламент на БРФК за присъждане на шампионски титли

BRFC reglament for Champion titles:

The title CHAMPION OF BULGARIA is granted for dog, which has four /4/ BG titles CAC, of three /3/ different judges, in four /4/ different shows /different days/, as the period between first and last CAC title is more than six /6/ months and a day.

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